Live på STÅ – Årets sista musikupplevelse

Av den 25 december, 2019

Efter ett sprakande år fyllt av underbara musiker, nya minnen och möten man sent kommer att glömma känner vi att vi måste göra ett avslut på detta fantastiska musik år på STÅ.

Därför har vi bjudit in inte mindre än 3 olika band/artister som kommer att stå för finalen.


Kelly Bayfield’s effortless vocals have been likened to Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter, and her ear for “lush Stillsian harmonies” and natural talent for songwriting have put her in high demand in her home county of Suffolk, and beyond. Regular appearances on BBC radio and at rootsy festivals such as Maverick & FolkEast, together with collaborations alongside Kev Walford, David Edward Booth, Honey and The Bear and New Orleans crooner Drew Young have all provided the perfect springboard for her eagerly anticipated solo album release early next year.


Although perhaps better known now for his work as an in-demand producer, session musician and co-writer, David Edward Booth has always been a singer-songwriter at heart. His most recent solo album – Away Away – is an album dedicated to, and heavily infused with the memories of his father, who passed away in the opening days of 2016 almost exactly a year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The ghosts, the darkness, the unanswered questions, but also positivity found during that one last year of living life to the full. And for those of us left behind, new stories and finding ways of carrying on.


New Orleans’ pioneering voice in “alt-rocka countrybilly serial killer blues,” Shawn Williams sounds like the result of a dirtier-minded Elvis deciding to get it on in the back of some roadhouse saloon with one of those sad-eyed cowboy types that would rather be drinking alone.

Shawn’s sophomore release was named as one of the ’Top 50 Albums of 2018’ by OffBeat Magazine, and named as one of the ’Top 10 Albums of 2018’ in Europe’s Country Music People magazine.

Live på STÅ – Årets sista musikupplevelse Söndag 29 December 2019!

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